Portland State Aerospace Society

The Portland State Aerospace Society or PSAS wanted to drive donations to fund their satellite. Right at the start, we mood boarded space photos, imagery, and inspiration. We fell in love with the retro style and wondered why it ever went away. It was time to bring it back.

Portland State uses the Viking as the mascot and what started as a joke of, The Space Vikings became the concept.


The Posters would be sent out containing a letter that expresses who the Space Vikings are and what we are trying to accomplish.

Account Manager Trang Hoang

Strategists Jonathon Pauly, Sergio Gocobachi, Elizibeth Bramlett

Art Direction Danielle Ochse-Emeka, Zoe Hutchens

Media Kristi Tokito, Alexis Alarcon Barreto

Copywriters Jake Floeter, Kassie Rosenbalm, Trey Summers, Hannah Peterson

Lucid Dog Training


The insights from the strategy was that dog owners were coming to Lucid Dog Training as the last step before giving up on their unruly dogs.

We geared this campaign to the real frustrations that came having an untrained dog and the relief Lucid Dog Training can bring.

While this campaign is not centered around copy I was instrumental in laying out the concept and scenarios.

Account Managers Bailey Arvidson-Goodell, Theresa Nguyen, McKenna Dover

Strategists Kevin Nickoloff, Taylor Wood

Art Direction Bao Phan, Savannah Quarum

Media Caitie Sauer

Copywriters Jake Floeter, Tobin Carlberg

FIR Northwest Self Promo Campaign

To get students excited about advertising and FIR Northwest, we set out to create an engaging campaign that would connect us with them and be entertaining. I’m a strong believer in creating advertising that’s engaging and valuable. FIR NW traditionally does a poster campaign around campus but, I pushed for a different direction.

On Valentine’s Day, we gave students cards along with their very own Love Fortunes. In total, we ended up making 45 unique fortunes and we got some very visceral reactions to the fortunes.


Account Manager Zoellen Fullmer 

Art Direction Clarissa Fredericks-Wright

Copywriters Jake Floeter, Tobin Carlberg

Loop Wine Bar

Spec Work

The task was to advertise wine to a millennial generation who knew little about wine but, were curious to know more. The wine bar was going to launch during a festival weekend. The bar was located on the main street of the festival and was expected to have significant foot traffic passing by.


What better way was there to garner the crowds of the festival than by walking a sheep down the street? A sheep that we didn’t know how to shear.

Account Manager Hannah Cantrell

Strategists Pam Noble

Art Direction Katelyn Reimer

Media Derrick Chew

Copywriter Jake Floeter