I’ve been lucky enough to be paired up with some talented and just downright nice people. I worked alongside other copywriters, art directors, strategists and account managers. The work shown is a reflection of a team effort.

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Lucid Dog Training


The goal: communicate to frustrated owners that bad behavior can be changed.

Lucid Dog Training is focused on improving the relationship between you and your dog. The best way to speak to owners frustrations was illustrate a, before and after effect in a interesting way.


GIFs offered us a way to show a narrative. As a platform, Instagram frowns on using copy on the image. We needed to tell a story with only the image and use caption copy to drive home point.


FIR Northwest Self Promo Campaign

The challenge was to promote FIR and show students what’s possible in advertising. The best ad’s will never appear as an ad. The misconception with students is that advertising is to sell at all costs. We wanted to give.

We timed our campaign up with Valentine’s Day. So, we made students cards along with their very own Love Fortunes.


In total, we ended up making 45 unique fortunes, because it’s no fun if two people get the same fortune.


Loop Wine Bar, Creative Strategy Class

The task was to advertise wine to a millennial generation who knew little about wine but, were curious to know more. We were also challenged with creating a guerrilla strategy alongside a traditional advertisement.

Social Media Ads

There were a lot of things the Loop Wine Bar couldn’t do but, it did understand wine.


The Guerrilla

The wine bar was going to launch during a festival weekend. The bar was located on the main street of the festival and was expected to have significant foot traffic passing by.


What better way was there to garner the crowds of the festival than by walking a sheep down the street? A sheep that we didn’t know how to shear.


Rainier Beer VS Brett Kavanaugh

Spec Work

It’s no secret that brands need to react fast. Brands should also take the opportunity to drive culture forward. During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings the phrase “I liked beer.” was uttered a lot. Well, I thought this would’ve been a good chance for the beer brands to tell us what they liked.

As a professor of mine once said, “risky is safe and safe is risky.”


Q Center

The Task was to promote the Q Center, an LGBTQ+ resource community. This was done over a single weekend as part of a Portfolio Workshop class.

With this client, we were working with a target audience that was especially apprehensive to ads. We needed to instill trust in our audience before promoting the Q Center. To do this we developed a book, filled with stories from the people of the Q Center. First hand stories from people they could relate to.

Nothing short of complete authenticity was going to convey trust and real stories were a way of doing that. We created a book that those reading it would be able to find a story that they could relate to on a personal level. That would mean filling it with diverse stories that spanned age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious background.

Working with a limited budget, we were unable to print enough books. To solve this a call to action was made for our readers to pass along their book once they were finished. Not only did this help circulate books but, new readers would trust a book more if it were passed on by a friend.