Portland State Aerospace Society

The Portland State Aerospace Society or PSAS wanted to drive donations to fund their satellite. Right at the start, we mood boarded space photos, imagery, and inspiration. We fell in love with the retro style and wondered why it ever went away. It was time to bring it back.

Portland State uses the Viking as the mascot and what started as a joke of, The Space Vikings became the concept.


The Posters would be sent out containing a letter that expresses who the Space Vikings are and what we are trying to accomplish.

Account Manager Trang Hoang

Strategists Jonathon Pauly, Sergio Gocobachi, Elizibeth Bramlett

Art Direction Danielle Ochse-Emeka, Zoe Hutchens

Media Kristi Tokito, Alexis Alarcon Barreto

Copywriters Jake Floeter, Kassie Rosenbalm, Trey Summers, Hannah Peterson