Double Back Event Organized by FIR NW

A discussion on work culture and representation

Every spring FIR NW throws an end of year event. Our agency decided to be more ambitious this year. We set our eyes on hosting a much larger panel discussion. Since PSU couldn't accommodate a large viewing area, we reached out to Wieden and Kennedy to host it, and we pitched the idea to them.

The goal of this event was to take on issues of diversity from a solution driven standpoint. For that, we needed panelists with real experience at agencies that did great work. Run entirely off of donations FIR NW contacted, coordinated and flew in guests from around the nation.

Without any Event planning experience from current FIR NW members, this event had 180 people reserve tickets. This was such a fantastic experience being a part of a team that aimed higher than students before us and pulled off something really special.

The work I did for this focused on:

Concepting, naming, branding, pitching to W+K and general event planning.